Metal Dynamics produces an array of products, specializing in premium quality metal shelving and displays. We only use the highest quality materials and because of this, our shelves last indefinitely.

We’ve never had a product fail or need to be replaced. Our shelves are meant to be a onetime purchase that will save the customer time, money, and effort in replacements because they last for a lifetime.

Our Products

Specialty and custom items to enhance your products so you can sell more products.

Browse our naval shipboard furniture including chairs, couches, tables, cabinetry and more.

View our ship store furniture featuring showcases, cabinetry, lit fillers and more.

Check out our ship story shelving and Navy branding accessories to compliment your ship store.

A specialty gondola and wall system completely customizable to your brand’s image.

A unique solution allowing bins, baskets, hooks, straight arms and custom face outs to finish walls and fixtures.

Metal Slatwall designed to fit existing fixtures or walls.

A classic gondola system with add on features.