This system provide unlimited configurations of shelving and add-on units.

Versi-Store can be assembled with Trakwall, slatgrid, and any number of customized perforated add-on panels.

Below is an example of Versi-Store in a backroom static storage application, designed to attach to an existing wall or freestand. Each shelf deck can be easily removed or vertically adjusted with our slide and lock design (no tools or hardware required). Choose from depths up to 36″D and various widths up to 60″W. Typical heights start at 60″ to 120″H.

Built with durable 12 or 14 gage cold rolled steel tubing and 16 gage decks, Versi-Store can accommodate many multi-purpose storage designs.

The unit comes in an array of powder coated finishes or stainless steel for your specific applications. For Marine applications, we offer a specific shelf-lock design to meet the strong conditions at sea.